Sports Training Adviser: Practical Training Techniques and the Science Behind Them

Welcome to the Sports Training Adviser website!

My goal in creating Sports Training Adviser is to share solid training and coaching methods that accelerate learning and sport performance. Whether you are a coach, fitness professional, or parent these practical, research-based methods will speed up results. By applying sound principles, athletes can run faster, jump higher, throw harder and farther, and perform better.

As a young athlete I learned how popular training techniques are not always the best. Common myths and partial truths can waste valuable training time and slow down progress. I also realized that sport scientists and coaches are not always on the same page, and that disconnect still exists.

Through years of competitive experience, I learned some valuable lessons about sports training from elite Olympic weightlifters and other top athletes and coaches I met all over the world. In graduate school, which I attended while coaching and competing, I was able to test scientific principles against real world competitive situations.

As an exercise science and research professor, I've gained deeper insights about the science behind effective sports training techniques. And I get to apply my athletic and sport science experience every day as an NSCA certified high school strength coach and assistant track coach.

One area that is unique to this site is Motor Learning. I specialize in this area because this area of research can help boost performance dramatically. Applications from this field of study, which combine psychology and neuroscience, give coaches and athletes the teaching and learning tools to accelerate the performance curve both for sport skill development and strength and conditioning.

By applying these tools, you can speed up sport fitness training results and skill development to boost competitive performance. Regardless of your age, capabilities, or sport, the training tips provided here can help you gain a winning edge.

Please explore the site, and check back for updates. 

Best Wishes,

Dr. Denise Wood

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