The Sports Training Adviser Affiliate Program

The Sports Training Adviser Affiliate Program is designed to give you, the publisher, an equal share of the profits from the sales of scientifically sound products that are in demand on the market. You simply refer prospective buyers to this site. When a customer buys through your referral, you earn a very generous 50% commission!

Simply Sign Up for Free and copy and paste the referral link (starting with https://..) into your site. You can also add "buy now" buttons. Contact us if you would like a product image to post.

Promote products and when a visitor buys through your site, you earn half of the revenue from the sale/

We take care of everything else.

Get paid the 1st of each month through Paypal for sales made one month prior. For example, April sales are paid June 1.

Details of the Terms of Service are posted on the sign up page.

You can be proud to promote Sports Training Adviser products---scientifically sound, real-world effective, and user-friendly for a variety of sport participants.-

In addition, if you Sell Downloads with DPD, you earn 30% of the monthly subscriptions of the sellers you refer.

DPD Digital Delivery offers reasonable prices for high storage capacity, and makes the set up for merchants very easy.

This is a great opportunity to make money promoting high quality publications designed to help athletes gain the winning edge, and make money doing it. Sign Up Now

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