Teaching Techniques for Coaches

9 Principles for Sports and Fitness (ebook)

For Sport Coaches and Fitness Professionals

Teaching Techniques for Coaches: 9 Principles for Sports and Fitness ebook provides highly effective instructional tips to speed up your athletes' learning and performance.

Coaches are teachers, and so are fitness instructors. Imagine having a teacher in school who knew what to teach, but not how to teach to help you learn important knowledge and skills.

In the same way, training results fall short if the coach or fitness professional lacks expertise in teaching and learning principles.


Coaches and fitness trainers who can leverage key instructional techniques have a distinct advantage for helping their athletes and clients get results. Now you can access these valuable techniques to speed up sport learning and performance!

This book shows you how to apply tips from 9 Teaching Principles to sport performance and strength and conditioning. Rooted in sport psychology and motor behavior research, these hands-on tools are among the most effective methods for delivering instruction to athletes.

Coaches can use these techniques to accelerate the athlete's learning curve in a variety of sports and training activities, regardless of age or competitive level. Topics include:

Become a Skilled Communicator

Target the Athlete's Stage of Learning

Accelerate Learning with Memory Techniques

Maximize the Transfer Effect

Mentally Boost Physical Performance

Deliver Effective Feedback

Speed Up Reaction Time and Decision Making

Step Up the Quality of Practice

Set Goals to Drive Performance

More than 70 pages of tips and examples in sport and fitness. Rich in photos and graphics. References included.

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